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Welcome to the Australian Doctors Directory

The Australian Doctors Directory is the most comprehensive directory of Doctors in Australia.

The Australian Doctors Directory helps the public  to find Doctors and Clinics by Location and by Specialisation.

It also helps Doctors promote their services to the public.

There are many thousands of Doctors and Clinics listed on the Australian Doctors Directory.

You can easily find a Doctor anywhere in Australia searching by suburb, or by region using the map.

The public can also find a Doctor by specialisation, such as paediatric, orthopaedic, cardiac, cosmetic, psychology, sports, and so on.

Doctors clinics can add a Feature Page describing their services, thereby providing more information to the public looking for a Doctor in their location and area of service.  

Feature Page Doctors can also be found by services, such as women's health and extended hours.

You can find Doctors in cities all over Australia: Sydney Doctors, Melbourne Doctors, Canberra Doctors, Brisbane Doctors, Adelaide Doctors, Perth Doctors, Darwin Doctors, Hobart Doctors, Gold Coast Doctors, Wollongong Doctors, Newcastle Doctors, Geelong Doctors, and Noosa Doctors.

The Australian Doctors Directory is produced by Future Media Group, which also produces the highly respected Australian Schools Directory, Private Schools Directory, Australian Accountants Directory, Australian Dentists Directory and the Australian Lawyers Directory.

We are recognised for our high standard of service, professional integrity and the unrivalled quality of our directories. For enquiries about the Australian Doctors Directory, please contact

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